My animation file has a large number of animations, say 1000. However they're all like 10, frames. Most of them are stationary images, some of them have a "wobble" effect and nothing else. I'm wondering if this will be inefficient in any way?

I measured the loading time and it seemed ok.

I saw that the setAnimation method that I use iterates through all the animations and searches for the one I want to apply. I can use a hashtable there I guess to make that process more efficient.

Are there any other things I have to worry about ?

For ref I'm using libgdx.


Here's my mertrics view, if that helps

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That should have no impact on performance, save for the one issue you already found: finding an animation by name. You can cache them in a map, and then use the setAnimation() overload: https://github.com/EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes/blob/4.0/spine-libgdx/spine-libgdx/src/com/esotericsoftware/spine/AnimationState.java#L570

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