I'm using the Unity Animation Timeline in order to make a 2D video/cutscene using my Spine characters, but I don't know how to use Animation Tracks in order to blend two different animations?

I have added two different "Spine Animation State Tracks" to the timeline, and placed each animation in a different track. However, when the timeline starts playing, only one animation is shown instead of having them blend into one animation.

Edit: The issue was that I didn't have the Track Index set properly. In the Animation Timeline you click on the track on the left side, and then in the Inspector you change the Index number. I'm leaving this for someone in the future who might have the same issue.
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Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for posting the followup info!

We will see what we can do to detect this issue automatically and change the defaults accordingly, or at least issue warnings.


We have just added a warning when multiple SpineAnimationStateTrack Timeline tracks target the same Track Index:
"Please change the 'Track Index' Inspector property at Track number 5 from the top,
both tracks are setting animations at track index '0'."
New 4.0 and 4.1-beta spine-unity Timeline UPM packages are available for download here as usual:
Spine Unity Download
Hope this helps prevent future trouble. Thanks again for reporting!

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