Just a quick question before my investment into the pro version ;) .
I am really interested in new features after ver 3.0, especially linked meshes, and I planned on working with Game maker studio.
but currently they support features before 3.0. They may have a update later for linked meshes but I am not sure.
Does unity support linked meshes? or any other game engines?
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The latest runtime updates are here: Update runtimes to support v3.4 (paths) · Issue #613 · EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes · GitHub

The Java, C, C# and Actionscript3 runtimes are now at 3.4.
That means any third party engines using those should be able to take advantage of those already when they are ready.

The official engine runtimes relying on the above are also ready: XNA/Monogame, Unity, SFML, Cocos2dx and Starling support paths and linked meshes.

Spine-Unity in particular has had support for linked meshes for months now.
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