Hi guys,

I'm a developer since few years now and I'm looking for a team mate illustrator/animator to work on games on my free time. During my developer's carrier I've worked on many projects : video games for IOS/Android, websites and applications.

The last few years, I've made a lot of games that I've never finished due to a lack of nice graphics and animations. I'm tired of creating games who will never be on stores, that's why I'm here.

So, if you're an illustrator/animator looking for a developer to make games with you feel free to contact me :)
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Hello, my name is Ana from Spain, I´m very interested in collaborate with you, I was looking for the same, a way to show my work in games, that´s I love to do, I made 4 game jams, and I´m working like an animator/illustrator but for logos, youtubes intros .. etc and will be great work together and finally have something in a store to show. Can you give a contact email if you are interested. Thanks, Ana :)
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I'm an animator in the gaming industry. Feel free to look at my work I'm also developing side projects.


You can contact me trough LikedIn:


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