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We would like to know about all good illustrators ( illustrator, photoshop ) and animators ( spine ) out there. Time to time we get bigger projects that we are not able to handle internally so we need to hire external people. We are focused only on 2D and have established smooth workflow for making 2D games and apps in Unity.

So if you are excellent, professional and hard working individual please let us know. ( Illustrator, Photoshop or Spine ) No need to know Unity.

Get in contact with us here :

If you allow us and we choose you as our partner we want to list you and sample of your work on our business directory

For now we have 40+ animals to animate. So animators are welcomed asap. You will get spine project with animals imported. So you need to just make proper bones and animations themselves. Every spine project has projectname.txt where you will find all information about animations or comments from developers.

Thank you very much and let us know.

Kind regards, Marek Ledvina.


For upcoming educative stories project for mobile and desktop devices we are also in need for illustrators.
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