Hello, I need help with my skeleton settings and how I did it.

For example, when I move the thorax, the foots don't stay on the floor even if the foot's IK constraints are childrend of the root.

I did not find how to move my IK (all children of the root) so it is closer to the bone it is linked to (like the antenna's, the IK is quite far but since it moves the bones of the antenna, I can't bring it closer).

Any help please ?

Here is a link to the project so anyone can have fun around with it and understand by itself why the skeleton isn't optimal. I can't figure out a better configuration by myself.


I also tried to keep foots straight but since I use this in GameMaker Studio 2.3 and move my ant around it creates problems if I do not allow the foot rotation (if my ant is vertical then the foot stay horizontal which is very ugly) so I had to keep the rotation allowed.
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Honestly, I’m not quite sure what you want to do, but I created a rig based on my expectation of what I would do if I were rigging this ant.

You seem to be having various problems with this rig, so perhaps my rig is only the answer to a part of them, but I think you may want to add IK to the ends of the feet. You can avoid that the feet will not sink under the ground when you move your body by that way.

Your rig was very complex, and I organized some bones because I couldn't figure out why they were in there just by looking at the rig, but you can find the Spine project in the GIF above here:

I hope this gives you some ideas.
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