Freelancer can use Spine professional license and this is ok...
but what when Freelancer animator sell animations or work as outsorce animator for others.
"Please note that as soon as your business exceeds $500,000 USD or equivalent annual revenue that an Enterprise license
I am think that some of my clients may have more than $500,000 USD.
I should by enterprise license ?

With professional license i can offer my animations to anyone without limits?

When i must note to my client that they must buy extended license ? (if they use animations in avi or runtimes not the program) ?
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Selling your Spine animations (either the Spine project itself, or exports) is unaffected by our license agreement, just like selling Photoshop files is unaffected by the Adobe license agreement. Your clients will only need a Spine license if they:

1. Need to edit the Spine project file with the Spine Editor (they can open/view in the Spine Trial, but can't save).
2. Use the Spine Runtimes in their products (games or apps) to playback animations.

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