Hey everyone, We are using spine for animations and Unity timeline to put them together. There were some changes that were to be done inside of the skeleton which required adding more images/attachments and changing/updating some animations, but now on exporting, Unity does not recognize the new materials and all the animations done on the timeline have to be re-done.

tl;dr adding new images/animations and exporting now breaks the unity timeline.

Is there any other way out?
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I'm afraid we need more information about the Inspector settings at your SkeletonRenderer, SkeletonDataAsset (ending with _SkeletonData) and SpineAtlasAsset (ending with _Atlas). Could you please share some screenshots of them as well?

In general the SkeletonRenderer will automatically re-assign the Materials that are referenced in the SpineAtlasAsset, which is assigned at your SkeletonDataAsset.

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