Hi, I have no Spine license, I'm considering if Spine will work with my Unity 5 project, and here is the question:

Can one (with a Spine-license) have 2 mesh renderers with individual materials placed on top of each other?

The reason I ask, is because I'm using a product that via Alpha masking is hiding/unhiding the top of such two, where the masked one one is placed in a folder as a child to the other.

This is the plugin I use:!/content/29764

I need to have 2 renderers of the same character right on top of each other, and an (not seen) black/white image over the entire screen. When player enters white areas, masking is off, when entering black, masking is on.

This way one can make beautiful lighting effects (Characters made by photographic pictures lit by real life that reacts to what eppears to be lit / unlit areas in the scene) - like a leaf lit from behind in the sun / not lit in part when passing a rock's shade ,because the Alpha mask is black there).

What I need is to be able to do a double-render from Spine in Unity, in a hiearachy folder structure, same animations, individual materials. I need to place one render in a sub folder (game object, of course ;)

Can this be done? (It appears from the demo material / documentation I can find that Spine is dictating material and has to have a certain structure, so it will not work/there is no way?)

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