My game uses Universal Render Pipeline/Lit material into 3D Objects, but only on Android do materials blink when you:

-> Enter the main scene
-> Go to the secondary scene
-> Return to the main scene (then some random materials flash).

Hardware: Redmi Note 7
Unity Version: 2020.3.11f1

I believe this is related to Spine, because it only happens when you:

-> Enter the game (there are characters in Spine)
-> Switch to the "wardrobe" scene, switch skin from one character to another
-> It goes back to the game scene, and then things start to blink. It's intermittent. I don't have an error log. I use Spine/URP.


In the main scene and the secondary scene, I basically:


skeletonAnimation.state.SetAnimation(0, animationName, true);
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Unfortunately as we don't know the exact setup of your scene, we have a hard time guessing what the problem could be.

Which version of the spine-unity runtime (name of the unitypackage) are you using?
What components are you using? Are you using SkeletonAnimation? Please note that SkeletonGraphic must not be used with normal non-*Graphic materials, it needs CanvasRenderer compatible materials.
heyMad je napisao/la:My game uses Universal Render Pipeline/Lit material into 3D Objects
I use Spine/URP
By Spine/URP, do you mean you are using the Spine URP shaders extension package?

As you mention Universal Render Pipeline/Lit , which is not a Spine shader: have you tried using the shaders provided by the Spine URP shaders package, such as Universal Render Pipeline/Spine/Skeleton Lit? Please note that normal non-URP Spine shaders with multiple passes will not work correctly in combination with URP.

Could you explain what you mean by "into 3D Objects"? Please describe what components and materials you are using. Please include screenshots of the material settings in the Unity Inspector.

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