Hello Spine Community!

We are a young growing company looking for talented people to work with us on our next project. Our most popular game Stick Fight is getting a sequel. We are changing our animation system and integrating spine with Unity 5.

You can check our older game here:

Requirements for the job:

  • Spine knowledge. We are looking for an experienced animator who is also familiar with spine & can show us his/hers previous works.
  • Fluent verbal English skills. We are not based on an English speaking country therefor we need someone who is fairly good with English and can understand what we are asking for.
  • Imagination. We want to work with someone who is talented not only when instructed with every detail but also when we give a vision and let him/her freely design on it.

What is this job about?
What we will be asking for within this job also includes character design. We are willing to work with you with this or you can work with our graphics designer.

Animations will all be fighting related so if you have ever done anything like that, that would be a huge plus for us. You should check our game first before applying because the animations used there will be similar.

We are currently working with hourly rates for all of our freelancers but you can offer a fixed payment after we discuss the contents of the job.

Contact Us
Please send us a private message on the forum to contact us.

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