Every time I open up my spine project for some reason it doesn't find some of the images in the folders. When I look those images up normally true my pc's folders they are there. There are quite many folders for different skins and I noticed that only the last three folders have this problem. However I can fix this problem by going in the folder taking the images out and putting them back in and they show up in spine again, but when I close spine and open the project back up the images are gone again. Is this a bug or is my project running out of space or something?

Here i the spine log:
Spine Launcher 4.0.39
Esoteric Software LLC (C) 2013-2021 | http://esotericsoftware.com
Windows 10 Home amd64 10.0
NVIDIA Corporation, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2, 4.6.0 NVIDIA 516.59
Starting: Spine 4.0.64 Professional
Spine 4.0.64 Professional
Licensed to: *****, *****
ERROR: Error reading hotkeys file: C:\Users\msi b450\Spine\settings\hotkeys-1.txt
Invalid action: Curves View
Invalid action: Weights - Swap
Invalid action: New Physics Constraint
Invalid action: Edit Mesh - Refine
Invalid action: Physics Constraint - Edit Physics
Invalid action: Edit Physics - Modify
Invalid action: Edit Physics - Create
Invalid action: Edit Physics - Delete
Invalid action: Graph Toolbar
Invalid action: Graph Rows
OpenAL 1.1, Default audio device
Update available: 4.1.14
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I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. Have you tried to uncheck Limit scanning in the Images node's properties? By default, only the first 2,000 image files found in the image folder are shown. This prevents Spine from scanning millions of files if the wrong path is accidentally specified. Uncheck Limit scanning to allow Spine to find more than 2,000 image files.

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That solved the problem thank you so much! By unchecking that is it going to cause other problems later on if I add more images?
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Unchecking that simply tells Spine to not stop at the first 2000 images it finds in a certain folder:
Images - Spine User Guide: Images path

So if you don't set your images folder as a folder that has also images that have nothing to do with your project, you shouldn't encounter problems!

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