Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum

We are working on a project using Spine Pro.
We are going to have a lot of character skins and different clothes skins (shirts/ pants etc).

I wanted to make the asset creation process easier so I thought I would be able with Spine Pro to
create one mesh that consists of the body with the arms and legs. And then to use the same mesh for any other shirt/pants.

The problem I am facing now is that I want to be able to change the draw order of one arm to be on top of the head. (The head is a different skin placeholder)

Can I change the draw order of one part of the mesh only to be on top of another slot?

I would really appreciate your feedback as this is something that could help us alot!

Have a good day!
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Hi, welcome to the Spine forum!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up like changing the skin changes the draw order, so the only way to do this is to prepare slots for the different draw order in advance and change the slots to be used for each skin. Sorry that I can’t explain this in words well, but I've prepared a video instead of that:

Look at the tree view in the video. This skeleton has two slots for each arm image: one slot above the head and one slot below the head. Then, depending on the skin, the arm image is set in the slot above the head or in the slot below the head.

I hope this will help you.


Re-reading this post again, my answer seems to be quite misplaced. I assume your question is that you want to change the draw order without separating meshes? The draw order is managed by slots, so you can't change it unless you separate the slots.
As a result, you still have to create slots in the order you want them to appear, as in the video I posted above, but I think the way I answered the question was wrong, so I added this.

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As Misaki correctly said, the draw order is managed by slots in Spine.
Just change the order of the slots in the animation in the Draw Order node to change what is drawn in front or back:
Slots - Spine User Guide: Draw order

If you want only one of the skins to be drawn in front, and not the others, then indeed that part may need to be moved inside a new slot as not to interfere with the others.

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