(I should first off say that Spine 4.0 is an incredible update and the graph editor is a true godsend)

I'm aware that linear filtering was replaced with smoothing settings in 4.0, but I have found that either a) the smoothing levels are broken or b) are perhaps unable to recreate the high image quality of linear filtering.

scaling algorithms.png

I find there is zero difference between smoothing level 10 and 100 (and bicubic).As soon as I go from 'nearest' at 0%, which is very pixellated, to anything above it, it's as if there is no gradation between 0 and 100. Compared to Spine 3.8s exporting, which is very sharp, but not jagged, what I assume would be ~Bilinear 20% or so.

I am running Windows 64bit Pro, Spine 4.0.02. Here are my settings in case I have missed something obvious, but I feel like this is a bug with the smoothing slider/smoothing algorithm.

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Smoothing 10 is "linear 100%" and should be identical to linear in 3.8. 11 (bilinear) is very similar to 10, except it can show less pixel structure.

If you don't see graduated Smoothing from 1 to 10, that may be a bug, we'll check it out. Do you see the same in the Spine settings, under Viewport, Smoothing? Also note that checking anisotropic in the Spine settings improves image and video export quality.

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