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We are creating a game with customizable characters. The characters have multiple Skins and attachments as expected.

Now we would also like to add a dynamic color feature in the game to change color of specific parts of the skin dynamically and one way we found to do it is to separate the parts we want to change the color by Slots, so in the game the default material of a Slot gets replaced by a special material.

With that plan, we are trying to create Skeleton with just the minimal needed Slots if possible, for example: Hair, Eyebrows, Mouth, Body.

However, we are having a hard time on Spine to set up one Slot with multiple Skins and Attachments within it. For example: Hair slot with Long hair, Short hair, Stylish hair, etc. It seems like it's only possible to have one Skin per Slot, if so, we would need one Slot for each Skin, which is not ideal. Is that true? Is it possible to have multiple Skins within one Slot?

On Spine it seems to be that one Slot with several skins attachements only allows one mesh as well.

Thank you
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I’m afraid to say but I couldn’t understand your question well, so forgive me if I answer from the basics.

In Spine, the attachment used to set the attachment for each skin is called "Skin placeholders". Skins means the skin itself (e.g. boy skin, girl skin) that is managed in the Skins section of the Tree view.

A skin can have one attachment (or none) for each skin placeholder. If the Show all skin attachments option is checked in the Tree view, you can see attachments for skins that are not active like this:
Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 13.03.08.png

As you can see this screenshot, a single skin placeholder can manage attachments for multiple skins. Therefore, if you just want to change the appearance and keep the same draw order, there is no need to prepare a new slot for each skin.

Slots can have multiple skin placeholders, so for example a mouth slot can have two skin placeholders : mouth-close and mouth-smile.
However, only one attachment (or none) can be visible at any given time in a Slot. This is a general rule for slots, not just for skin placeholders.

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but I hope you find something helpful in it.
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