Hi, I use Autodesk Sketchbook for my drawings/character creations for games. From Sketchbook, I can export .tiff or photoshop .psd (but I don't use photoshop). My question is, can the Photoshop script be edited to work for exporting from Autodesk Sketchbook to Spine so that I don't have to manually scale and save each layer as it's own .png?


file options.PNG

I am just looking for the easiest way to take all my drawn layers and turn them into unpadded png's for use in Spine. If anyone else has suggestions, I am totally open.

Thanks :nerd:


Since Sketchbook doesn't have a script running functionality I would need something outside of it to run and process the layers into individual png's.


Putting this here for anyone else that might want it, I had Krita already installed and used the built in script to do the below steps:

1. From Autodesk Sketchbook, save drawings as PSD
2. Open drawing from Krita https://krita.org/en/
a. Select all layers
b. Tools > Scripts > Export layers
i. Select document
ii. Select directory
iii. Check
1) ignore invisible layers
2) Export in batchmode
3) Adjust export size to layer content
iv. Image selection
1) Png
v. Ok
Magic, in a folder as png's
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Indeed, SketchBook doesn't support plugin development. We are thinking about creating an out-of-process exporter of sorts that should work with all kinds of software, provided the software allows exporting layers as individual images. That's still in the planning phase though.

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