Hi again,

Thanks to all of you who responded to my previous posting, as I said we have decided to test both Toon Boom Harmony and Spine to produce the animations we require for our new app (built in Unity)

So I am looking for quotes from Spine animators to produce two animations for our test, our list of priorities for these animations are:

1. Quality
2. Time to produce
3. Cost

We will require approximately 90 of these animations for our App.

About our us

Our company produces material for the education market, we focus on teaching words and helping children expand their vocabularies. So far we have produced books, cards, posters etc but now we want to deliver a great app.

One of the ways we teach words is by illustrating their use, I have attached two of our illustrations and these will be the ones that we want to see animated.

So what I am looking for is quotes to produce Spine animations based on the two images supplied (additional material will be made available to those who express an interest in participating). We would like a price in $ or € for production of the two animations and an estimate of the time required. NOTE: Price is NOT the deciding factor, its important but the quality of the animation and the length of time required to produce are at least as important.

if you submit I would strongly recommend looking to how you can go beyond the obvious way to simply animate the images provided but also to look at how the characters can be given personality and life, please feel free to detail how you would approach this.

Please send your submissions directly to me by Wednesday 23rd February



paul dot burford at mrswordsmith dot com
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