Hi all,

I'm encountering these random crashes in unity 2021.2.0f1 on Windows with an error message that reads:

"GetManagerFromContext: pointer to object of manager 'RenderSettings' is NULL (table index 21) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool)"

Before installing the Unity plugin this didn't happen. Is there a different Unity version I can use to fix this perhaps?

Does anybody else have this issue?

Kind regards,
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Sorry to hear that you are having troubles. Please note that spine-unity does not officially support 2021.2 yet (see here and here). However, we are of course happy to fix any issues.

Could you please share your Unity Editor.log file (or perhaps other crash log files) that was written directly after the crash? Then we could have a look at where this error comes from. For location of your log files see this documentation page.

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