Hello you may call me Suzu i am a 2D Illustrator based in Alameda, CA that is looking for a 2D Animator that will work remotely on my game project and capable of smooth animation work. My idea of the gameplay style with be similar to Odin Sphere.

Genre - RPG, Romance, Action, Fighting, Horror, Psychological, Mystery, Fantasy, and Yuri (Girl’s Love)

R17+ PS4 ver. | Bloodshed, Brutal/Harsh Language
R18+ Windows ver. only | contains more graphic gore, costume material, and pornographic scenes

Systems: Windows, PS4 (Possibly)

Amount of Characters: 24 including DLC
Amount of Costumes: 120 including DLC and 18+ Costumes
Amount of Dungeons: 100-200
Number of Chapters: 45
Number of Events: 50
Number of Side Events: 26
Number of Quests/Side Quests: 200
More ideas in development

As you can tell with the amount of everything this will be a long-term project.

Story Mode ➡ Tells the story of Mai & Ai in a side-scrolling world
PVE (Player versus environment) - Online Only ➡ Fight against monsters will friends in a large 2D Environment with your Avatar
Avatar Customization ➡ Make your own character! (Versus and Online Mode)
Versus Mode (Offline and Online) ➡ Battle as if you were in a fighting game
Choosing different choices during dialogue/conversational scenes ultimately lead to newly discovered endings

Required/Bonus Experience
Must have at least basic experience in Unity - Required
4+ Years Experience - Required
Coding C++ - (Not necessary but willing to pay more) | Bonus

Payment Method: PayPal or Check
Payment Rates/Amount: Negotiable

Contact Page

Thank you for reading! I hope to make this project becomes something beyond my wildest expectations.


Still looking for an animator. Preferably someone who is familiar with anime-styled animated games.
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Hello Suzu
My name is "Nacho" Garrido and I send you an email somedays ago (in fact, I think I send you two identical emails, sorry) and I still don't have feedback from you.
I am a 2D animator with wide experience, with a bunch of released games in my portfolio and I am familiar with anime-styled animated games, actually I am living in Japan because of that. That's why I think I fit in that role.
I really want to know more details about your project. I am sure we can find a balanced quality/price deal and start developing your game together.
You can answer me at: animatikistudio (a) gmail . com

よろしくお願 いします
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Anastasia Bondarenko

i am freelance 2d Animator with an experience in game development sphere. my portfolio:
Feel free to contact me!
Best regards,
Anastasia Bondarenko
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