Is it possible to have mixed skins with the same attachments?

I attached something I've been having troubles with,
Since the shirt and the body are not of the same proportions, I can not get them to act as one.

I started by placing them under the same bone, in 2 different skins, but then when I get to Meshing, I couldn't get it to work & look natural, the body would appear underneath the shirt when the character moved.

They have to be 2 different layers on skins, because the clothes can change and so can the skin color of the character.

Any advice?

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Hi @IzhAriel,
Have you tried to use linked meshes? To use linked meshes, you need to align the image size with the target attachment, so the shirt image will have to have a little extra region to match the body image, but it is useful when you want to apply the same deformation.


Correction: I’m sorry that I missed an important point. As Erika wrote below, linked meshes cannot be used in this case because you want to set a different color between body and shirt and it requires separated slots.

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Linked meshes would not work for the purpose of displaying both the body torso and the shirt at the same time because for now they can only be used witin the same slot, meaning activating one would deactivate the other.
However the principle of duplicating a mesh and replacing the image path to get matching vertices and weights is good.

If chainging a mesh path is not possible due to the different shape of the torso vs the shirt image, the second best option is to create one mesh and its weights, then check the option wireframe. This will make the mesh vertices always visible and allow you to use them as a reference when creating the other mesh.

In fact, the key to avoid parts of two meshes to deform differently is to have the vertices on the portions that overlap be placed as matching as possible, and with matching weights.

When this is done, you'll see that the two parts will act as one as you wished!

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