Are events in mecanim fired correctly if you use Mecanim's speed multiplier to adjust the speed in which the animation plays? Not sure if they're somehow being skipped or if I'm just listening for them wrong, or if the timing is affected like if the anim is 1 second in spine, the event is at .5 seconds, you set the speed to .5 in mecanim, so then it's 2 seconds for the animation and it still fires at .5 seconds etc?

Can you give a case example of how you'd listen for an event in spine called "1H Sword Attack" and then access it in a script if you are using mecanim?


-- 06 Oct 2015, 21:14 --

Finally figured this out, I apparently didn't watch the unity animation tutorial to the last 20 seconds to see you simply type void EventNameHere() ...... lol. wtfv .. rtfm equiv.
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