Hi Everyone,

Subdivision Games is a game developer based in Bristol, UK. We are currently working on our first title that will be announced in autumn 2017.
The Game will be a strategy / RPG simulation set in a period between the late Neolithic and the Classical Antiquity (e.g. Romans time).

We are currently looking for a freelancer Spine animator to help us to bring to life our in-game characters.

There is a full project spec linked below with plenty of details and examples but in summary here's the scope of the work:

Produce the following set of animations for each of the provided skeletons, in summary: 8 perspectives (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE) * 2 types of skeletons (biped and quadruped).

Biped (human)
Walk male (normal speed)
Walk female (normal speed)
Walk (slowly)
Gather (knelt)
Build (knelt)
Stand idle
Sit on ground
Melee attack (spear)
Ranged attack (bow)

Quadruped (ref. wolf, sheep)
Walk (normal speed)
Stand idle
Rest on ground

Link to the project spec (I can't seem to find the link button!! so here you go in plain old text):

Looking forward to hearing from you all, feel free to contact us here or in the contact details provided in the spec.


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