Hey guys,

I am developing a 2D Platformer RPG Game based on the Unity Engine called "Project Arctica".

** The game takes place in a fictional version of Antarctica, where a research expedition is sent to recover ice samples.
A huge storm destroys the boat and you are the only remaining survivor. You must survive by hunting, building and scavenging what's left of the ship.

Our game is based off of the Unity 2D Gamekit (
We love the art style in this gamekit, and are looking for artists that can produce a similar style, set in a frozen/cold environment, and with decent animation skills with Spine. The artist must also know the basics to Unity (Setting up a scene, sprites). No knowledge of coding is required whatsoever.

There is a large list of assets to make, and we pay by asset (We can discuss this more in detail). We are also offering additional royalties when the game is finished.

Please send us a private message showcasing your art, experience and abilities if you are interested.

Thank you very much,

The Cold Interactive Team
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Ping me We are pro in Illustrator, Photoshop, Spine and Unity production and workflows. CHEAP.

Thank you, Marek.
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