Hey all, just wanted to bump this and say we're still looking for someone who has experience in creating character animations in Spine. We also posted a how-to for creating wind animation cascade effects with multiple spine objects here if anyone is interested (scroll down): Wind effect at runtime.


We are looking for an exceptional 2D animator who wants to be on the front lines of game development. We are an extremely small startup (5 members) with more than 50 years combined industry experience, and we are currently seeking funding for our top-down Action-Adventure game, Rise of the Makers. If you join us, you’ll earn royalty towards the sale of the game and a massive voice in our project and our direction.


  • At least 5 years experience working in 2D animation.
  • At least 3 years experience animating characters (humanoid or otherwise).
  • At least 2 years spent on AAA projects. This can be PC, console, mobile, VR, board games, whatever. We're looking for people who can recognize and deliver a high level of polish.
  • A passion for creating unique and compelling gameplay animations centered around fast-paced player actions and RPG-style boss fights.
  • Be an excellent collaborator while also being able to take the lead and work independently.
  • Availability for at least 15 hours per week to work on this project, with the desire to go full-time once funding is secured. This position is unpaid (royalty-based) until funding is secured.

Today, we are making a game. Just like any other team working on a project, we have immediate goals and milestones that need to be completed. However, in our experience, a project succeeds when the team behind it shares the same values and strengthens the company culture. We are constantly thinking about what happens later - when we launch, the months after launch, and into the next games we want to make. In our experience, if the company culture isn't strong, the products won't be either. We're interested in the longer term, and we're interested in making amazing, compelling experiences for our players. We're only interested in people who share these goals.Our team members have day jobs to pay the bills, but our desire is to break away from those jobs and focus on our own team and projects. We're looking for someone who shares that itch and wants to be part of the foundation of MGS.

Come build an amazing future with us!

You can see the beginnings of our website here (it's in development): https://www.riseofthemakers.com

If you're interested in speaking further, please email me with your resume/portfolio at zach[at]riseofthemakers[dot]com
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