We were thinking about getting Hitman and possibly seeing how easy/difficult it might be to stop using Mecanim but have a few questions.

I notice the animation in Spine for punching is all in 1 animation.. but somewhere in the video tutorial it shows 1 punch then a pause and an uppercut.

Did you somehow write logic to only use part of the attack animation in case the user only hits attack once or how would you handle something where the player could hit attack 1,2, or 3 times which would result in attack animation 1, 2, and then 3 if they did them in succession while attacking?

We do this in mecanim by getting the current normalized time of an attack animation and if > .5f allow the user to set a bool to queue an attack and when the current normalized time is .95f it does a transition to MeleeAttack2.

Is this in Hitman or any variation of that kind of functionality?

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Hitman does not use Mecanim.

The punch animation is one big sequence with events that set the state of the character to several different modes like... Allow next input... Pause... Apply physics impulse, so on.

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