So recently I have been working on a tool for building skins for characters. It allows the user to choose a character out of a list and select its skin parts, as well as edit the attachments and sub skins those skins are built out of.

My only problem is that I can't seem to find any way to show the visuals for the parts of the skin. Is there a way to show a skin part as sprite? if so how does one do it?
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You can get a Sprite from an AtlasRegion via the provided extension method in AttachmentTools:
using Spine.Unity.AttachmentTools;

void OnGUI () { // or a similar method
Skin skin = ...;
Atlas atlas = ...; // e.g. skeletonAnimation.SkeletonDataAsset.atlasAssets[0].GetAtlas();

foreach (Skin.SkinEntry skinEntry in skin.Attachments) {
string name = skinEntry.Name;
AtlasRegion region = atlas.FindRegion(name);
Sprite sprite = region.ToSprite();
If this is not an option, you could extract the Attachment's UVs, or regionOffsetX, regionOffsetY, regionWidth, regionHeight:
foreach (Skin.SkinEntry skinEntry in skin.Attachments) {
var attachment = skinEntry.Attachment;
RegionAttachment regionAttachment = attachment as RegionAttachment;
MeshAttachment meshAttachment = attachment as MeshAttachment;
float[] uvs;
if (regionAttachment != null)
uvs = regionAttachment.UVs; // or get regionOffsetX, regionOffsetY, regionWidth, regionHeight
else if (meshAttachment != null)
uvs = meshAttachment.UVs; // or get regionOffsetX, regionOffsetY, regionWidth, regionHeight
And then use the UV coords or regionOffsetX, regionOffsetY, regionWidth, regionHeight to copy the region pixels to a temporary texture to use with e.g. DrawPreviewTexture:
Or you could use DrawTexture, which allows a sourceRect parameter to define source uv coords.
Note that you then might still run into the problem of packing rotation (which can be 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees).

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