Hey there! I'm currently creating a 2D online RPG, and I've recently had our base sprite redone with the intention of having it rigged and animated that way instead of having it hand-animated. The base sprite will be linked at the bottom of the post, but it has three directions (east and west are mirrors of eachother). It's not split up into component pieces yet.

I'd like this to look as realistic as a 64x64 sprite art base can look (don't worry- I realize it won't be remotely photorealistic, I'm just hoping for something a little less cartoony!)

If anyone is interested, you can feel free to message me on discord at roomy#1031, email me at jtdavis99[at] or DM me here- though I recommend Discord or email instead of DMing if you're looking to get ahold of me ASAP.

The enlarged (for viewing) base sprite can be found here:

If you're interested in seeing the game itself before any sort of work begins, you can find some snippets here as well:

This is paid, of course!
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