Hi there!

I supported Spine via Kickstarter and have become very enthusiastic about exploring the tool, getting acclimated, and simply trying things out.

While I have picked up on associating certain keywords with UI elements or core functions, I don't quite know... ""why" or "what" they are/why they are called that, or if anything is unique to Spine itself.

I've had a look around on here and again through rough searches via Google...

I'm looking for a sort of glossary or index of terms used commonly throughout Spine or in reference to elements in Spine, with brief definitions or reasons behind calling them that (if applicable).

And more importantly, what they are used for.

(Dopesheet, channels, slots, texture packer, etc. - certainly a non-exhaustive list, sorry to say)

I hope that makes sense! It would be very helpful for me (and I'm sure others that may be completely new to this stuff). Thank you!

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Proper documentation will explain all these things. Writing documentation is important to us, but we've been quite busy lately. :) Putting together a glossary would be neat though. Maybe Soeren wants to do that? :D

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