Hi everyone! :)

I am working on a mobile adventure platformer project, and I've created several enemy characters animations for that.
I'd like to take these animations to extreme, and looking for an advise on how can I make them more satisfying.

Your feedback and suggestions will be much appreciated! :handshake:

To make it clear - this is my first time creating ANY animations, and I am completely self taught, so please be constructive and don't throw too many rotten tomatoes on me. :)

Here are the examples of what I've done, including some footage from the early game prototype.

Thank you so much!
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At first, try and make everything more energetic. Slow or energetic when needed.
Animate more separate layers so it will look more detailed.
Don't forget turn animations.
Avoid using transparenct FX when you can.
Get a better art to animate too.

Watch and learn from videos like this:
12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) - YouTube

Good luck :)
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Emilijus, thanks for your feedback!

I've watched the video and have some ideas now on how to improve these animations. I've learned a lot from this video, actually. :)
Yepp, changing these transparent effects is on my task list.
Unfortunately, I can't really divide a bell pepper character, for example, to more separate layers, but I can't wait to try it for other enemy characters that are less solid.

Can you please elaborate regarding a better art?


Hi again!

Thanks again for the feedback and constructive criticism, that inspired to me learn some new techniques and implement them right away! :yes:

Here's another enemy character with updated animations.

I'd say these animations definitely look more interesting than the previous videos that I've shared, but I still don't feel that the combat is satisfying enough. :think:

I guess I'll need to update the attack animations of the main character to make the whole combat look better...
Is there anything else I could do on the enemy side? Add more particles maybe? WDYT?

P.S. Changing the art or its style is not an option.
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