Hi guys!
I am trying to do some really basic stuff in Spine, and can't find a way.

1. Where can I see dimensions/size (you know, width and height ) in pixels of picture/attachment ? I need pixel-perfect size, and also...
2. pixel-perfect alignment, is there align tool ?

3. Yeah, and how can I scale the image only to one side, not both sides from the center? I can't resize for example line only to right, it also resizes it to left at the same time ?

And how to resize pictures when if I zoom in (and I need to zoom in) I can't see the resize gizmo (arrows that I can resize with)?
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1. Hover an attachment will show you the image and its size:

Press F1 if you don't want to wait for the popup.

2. There's not, sorry. You'll have to ensure your attachments and bones are on whole number pixels. The interpolated nature of skeletal animation makes it rare to want to keep positions on exact pixels, except when something is not moving. Also any rotation (except by 90 degree increments) or scale (except by whole numbers) will result in filtering, so exact pixels no longer matter.

If you are doing a pixel style, you may want to use Spine's pixel grid mode:
Settings - Spine User Guide: Pixel grid

3. If you are scaling a region attachment, you can scale it, then position it how you like. Spine doesn't currently have scaling from just one side/etc for attachments. It's not unusual but also not super common to scale that way, since scaling a region attachment is only done in setup mode. Bones are used for scaling in animations.

If you are scaling a mesh attachment (which can be animated), there are more options. You can drag the origin for scaling and rotation:
Mesh attachments - Spine User Guide: Transform tools

If you are scaling using bones, the position of the bone defines the origin for scaling, rotation, shear.

4. Spine doesn't require dragging small tool handles. You can drag anywhere, even if you can't see the handles. However, if you are too zoomed in to see the handles, you might want to just zoom out to make your manipulations. Zooming in and out with mouse wheel in Spine is very fast and mostly replaces the need to pan.

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