Hi everyone! First poster here.

The company I work for just released this cowboy-themed blackjack game that I've been doing all the art and animations for. It was a really fun challenge making everything work and look as 3D as possible!

Initially the plan was to have a fully working dealer that could pick up and move the cards, shuffle the deck, etc, but that proved to be a little too ambitious and there wasn't enough time. His arms and hands are still rigged but hidden underneath the table though! Oh well! :lol:

You can scroll through different chips to the left and when clicked he will throw that chip onto the table. Then just click the play button and the cards will come flying out.

(I hope it's okay to just dump a link to the game itself, I don't really have time to make lots of gifs right now.)

Of course I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the animations. :D

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Hey! I'm very curious to see your animations, but online casinos are prohibited in my country so I cannot access the website.
It would be really nice if you could post some of the animation gifs here.
Thank you!
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