We normally use the editor version 3.8.99 and export to the same version for use with the PlayCanvas runtime.

Following an automatic update, a few files were inadvertently edited with the 4.0.64 editor.
We are currently unable to export those animations to 3.8.99.
Opening those files with the 3.8.99 editor does not work either.

We are only able to export to 3.8, which produces errors with the Playcanvas runtime.

As mentioned in an older topic :
We have updated JsonRollback in Skeleton Viewer 4.0.54-beta to support specifying a version of 3.8 to go from 4.0.xx to 3.8.99
Where can we find the Skeleton Viewer 4.0.54-beta? it does not seem to be available for download.

Alternatively, is there another way to solve our problem?
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As you mentioned, you used to need to use Skeleton Viewer for rollback, but you no longer have to use SkeletonViewer; you can do the rollback only with the Spine editor. Please refer to this post, which previously explained how to rollback:
4.1.04 FFD keys breaking glitch

The post describes how to roll back your Spine project from 4.1-beta to 4.0, but you should be able to do the same from 4.0 to 3.8. If the procedure doesn't work, please let me know!

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