FoxCub Games

Fox Cub Games is hiring multiple 2D Spine animators to help us bring characters, animals, and objects to life.

Ideal candidates must be able to take a PSD file with cut up assets and import it into Spine for animation. Candidates must also have working knowledge of how to export Spine animations into Unity. This is a remote contract role with 20-30 hours of work each week.

Ideal candidates must demonstrate:
1. Strong animation and timing skills. Good motions, anticipation, timing, good use of ease in and ease out, as well as properly use Mesh Bend for secondary motions.
2. Strong problem solving skills. There will be a paid art test.
3. Ability to take art directions, feedbacks, and go above and beyond given task requirements. We like to work with someone who does not need constant spoon feeding.

Our games have various art styles so you will never be bored of animating similar subjects over and over again. Here are some previews of the different kind of characters you will be working on:

Please send applications to ***@***.***

When applying, please show us examples of animations you had done in the past. No need for crazy long cover letters, keep it short with a brief intro and do not forget your portfolio link(s)!
FoxCub Games
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