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I'm making a game using SFML and would like to swap out spritesheets for spine. I am trying to make my game moddable in two ways: the first allowing artists to create new character skins and attachable items (the latter being if I understand all of this enough), and the second allowing animators to animate a new ability into the game - manipulating a bone structure which can have any graphics applied to it. Hopefully, this means that any character can perform any ability, it sounds perfect to me.

I am a student and while I feel comfortable with C++ and SFML this far, the example code ( spine-runtimes/main.cpp at 3.6 ) seems very alien. I have tried reading the documentation on here, but it really isn't going in very well unfortunately. I usually learn better though copying and networking with people, having opportunities to ask questions etc.

I would love to make friends with someone / people who know at least the basics of how to use Spine with C++, whether it is with SFML or not. I hopefully can translate guidance to SFML. I'm not asking you to actually do any work or dedicate too much time, simply having me as a friend on discord or something so that I can ask questions from time to time and have my code checked.

If it turns out there's a massive amount and that it actually is a lot of work to give me a few nudges, I am also considering paying people if that's what it takes. This software looks incredible and I really want to harness it, but I'm struggling, hence why I am asking for a bit of a help. You may have noticed on the runtimes section I posted how I had trouble even getting Spine runtimes to compile, and while the forums are great, I was dissatisfied with the IRC and an unofficial discord server I am in - everyone is teaching eachother how to use the software (which is more important, I know :) ), but I really just wanted to find at least one person who I could talk to and learn with.

Thanks for reading, PM me and I'll give you my discord name.

PS: It'd be nice for spine to have a gitter rather than an IRC I think :)
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