I encountered a weird bug... I'm not sure if it's in Spine or Unity, but I would guess Spine. I have a particular animation clip which I'm able to smoothly blend out of, but when I try to blend back into it, it just does a hard snap into position.

Attached is a Unity project which demonstrates the problem. I'm using 2021.2.6f1. It seems like the "idle" animation clip is the problem (the top Animator demonstrates this) since I can blend back and forth between "stand up" and "stand idle" no problem. I included the original Spine file in case that sheds some light.

Any idea how I could work around this problem?

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We are sorry for the troubles. Unfortunately SkeletonMecanim comes with some additional requirements regarding your animations compared to when using the SkeletonAnimation component. Most likely you are missing required additional keys in the target animation (the idle animation which is harshly applied without transition) when using SkeletonMecanim. Please see the documentation section here:
spine-unity Runtime Documentation: Required Additional Keys

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