Hi guys,

I am an art director of a game company. It is not esay to employ an artist knowing spine.So, I am wondering should I employ a 3DMAX animator instead of SPINE animator . Is there anyone can give me opinion on 3DMAX vs SPINE when doing 2D animations in games?

There are two points I can think from now are
1.Easier to use for 2D artist
2.Spine is cheaper than 3DMAX
But anymore points of that?

Thanks for help =)
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3D Studio Max is not specifically setup for 2D skeletal animation. While one can do it, it's a cumbersome process. Another issue with using 3D Studio Max is that basic features, and more so, advanced features like IK, paths, mesh deforms, etc. may be hard to get running in whatever game engine you are using.

With Spine, you get a solution specifically focused on 2D skeletal animation, plus first class integrations for pretty much every game engine under the sun.

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