Sorry I didn't get to respond to your posts sooner!
skarasuko je napisao/la:I always intend to adjust the curves of my highlighted keyframes in the dopesheet, so I can't imagine any inconveniences of losing the previous area of the graph.
In 4.0+ when you move handles, the handles on the other side of the key are also adjusted (unless separated). Keeping the handles at the same angle like this ensures the transition through the key is smooth. So even when you don't need to see the curves for your whole timeline, you usually still need to see the curve before and the curve after the one you are editing.

Note 3.8 doesn't do this, moving a key does not affect the neighboring handles. That makes a "cusp" where the keyed value changes direction abruptly. It's difficult in 3.8 to avoid cusps.
It may be better for us to have enough room to see the curve handles
It could be interesting to have a kind of auto frame that only frames the curves for the selected key and the curves before and after those. This would allow selecting a key in the dopesheet and seeing that key and its neighbors in the graph. I'm not sure how that would work when making key selections in the graph, that might be a bit awkward.
If multiple bones need to synchronize with each other, I think we do need the convenience of 3.8 Graph. Bones that have different X, Y, and Rotation directions can't have their handles selected and synchronized appropriately.
Agreed! In 4.1.08-beta when multiple handles are selected and one is moved, the other handles are adjusted similar to Match in the old graph. This means you can select handles for different keys, adjust a curve for one of them, and all the others will have the same curve shape (for example, slow then fast) -- even if their key frames or values are different. It looks like this:

To make it more clear what is happening, here I've drawn red boxes for each curve:

Also, there are cases when it can be impossible to box select one end of handles.
True, getting the right handles selected can be a pain. We're working on improving this. One idea is to have a mode where selecting a key also selects the next 2 handles after it. Another is to change ctrl+A to select all the handles for keys on the same frame as the selected handles. Currently it selects all the keys for the timelines of the selected handles, which probably isn't as useful.

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