Hi folks! My name is Nikita. I'm a lead animator at Hobolabs team, currently, we are working on a 2D mobile coop RPG. It's been a while in development, and i'd love to share what we have so far. :)

In-game boss. The result of a combination of Spine features and Unity particle system.
Features used:
  • Spine animation
  • Mesh transform.
  • Frame by frame animation for burning fire and lava.
  • Constraints.
  • Skins. Different rage levels.
  • Unity particle system.

Hope you like it!

I have started a vimeo channel as well. Will update progress there too.

Cheers! :party:
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Looks great! Love the attack animations.
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Davi Clean

I noticed that the "lava" legs are both a frame by frame animation and a mesh at the same time.
I'm curious to see the process you are using to make this happen. Any chance you can show it to us? Again, good job this looks INSANE!
Davi Clean
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